New ACCC rules to take effect from 01st September 2017

One of Intelligent Training Solutions core beliefs is in transparency. We aim to be transparent in how we market our courses, how we recruit our staff, and how we run our business. In fact, we are proud to say that one of the most received comments our Administration Team gets is on how much information we provide to our clients. A little while back we published a five-point checklist ...
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USI Update # 3 – 15th April 2016

The USI Registry System has a new, simplified functionality to help students reset a forgotten password or recover a forgotten USI. If a learner knows their email address or mobile number that they used when creating their USI, learners will no longer need to enter all their personal details, undergo an evidence of identity check, or correctly answer security questions. Students...
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Online Training – A Quick Glimpse

We are both proud and confident to say that we would have the most unique, informative and interactive Student Portal in Australia for our qualifications on Scope! We have worked tirelessly on our student portal to provide you with an educational pathway that delivers more variety, interactivity and meaningful information using a variety of platforms than any other provider. We have qui...
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Contemplating Your Future with a Training Provider

CONTEMPLATING YOUR FUTURE WITH A TRAINING PROVIDER Use the following information as a check list to safe guard yourself against dodgy training providers. Remember that all training providers have a set of marketing standards that they must adhere to when promoting a course. 1) Can you easily find the enrolment fee for your course on the providers website or marketing information...
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